Paradoxes By Abu Ibrahim

By Abu Ibrahim
The universe is full of paradoxes
The way opposites attract — every night, darkness and light collides…

Grow By Nolcha Fox

Seedlings sprout
from stumps and
from charred trees…

Two Poems By Charlie Bowden

There’s a red man under my bed, ugly as sin
with pitch-black fur and a voice that pricks like a pin…

Winter Purple

By William Doreski
Black ice curses asphalt roads
this morning, the moon a white hole..

Your Reading

By Hailey Bartlett
The year is 1994, and we are together. You tell me that you are going to visit a psychic this weekend, the one…

Pandemic Endorphins

By Caitlin Coey
When you get tired your breathing
gets shallow. The body releases…

A Poem w/o Ghosts

By Brian Lutz
Go straight past the kitchen.
Go stand by the mirror. Find…

Adventures of Mr. Teddy and I

By Meher Narula
This poem has been inspired by the “dress-up” games played by children, where they let their imagination run…

What Is a Pelican?

By Matthew James Babcock
From the ground, a particle wave
crossing humid noon. Stern sage…

2 Poems By Trevor Moffa

Dissolving with the heavy edge of light
There is a weight to all tonight, a haze,
The air is thick, the moon is full, the lights…

Should I Ever Pass This Way Again

By William T. Blackburn
Under shade of seckel pear tree, juices on my lips
Sun slipping between leaves, breeze disheveled…

Cat Eying the Butter

By: Antoni Ooto
Every morning I feel you missing.
It’s been a while…

I Am

By: Irina Talty
I am two worlds torn in half…