Editing Adulthood

By Yash Seyedbagheri
Home during quarantine, I rearrange my bedroom.
I’m an editor…

In Abject Defiance of Gravity

By Keith Hellard
With her back to the upstairs windows he couldn’t see what she was doing. Even if he went room…

The Stranger

By Bailey Cole
“I know it sounds insane.”
“I mean, sure, you’ve seen the girl before. We don’t live in a huge city…

The Candle Maker

By: Theodore Clemens
The roof was giving way. Already, it had begun to collapse in on itself. The lintel above the doors was…

The Sun Was Just Rising

By: Mercury-Marvin Sunderland
“Are you scared?”
Julius’ phone was unpleasantly pressed to his ear…

Ducks Don’t Like Fritos

By: Dan Nielson
He took the standardized test and went from Slow to Genius. He moved to a place where everything was…


By: Katie Fisher
We walk down the narrow hallway mindlessly, and I feel the blood recirculate to my legs. The world feels…


By: Elissa Russell
I couldn’t recognize your accent as foreign any more than I could my own. Each muddy ‘R,’ each forced…