Works Edited by Molly

Winter Purple

By William Doreski
Black ice curses asphalt roads
this morning, the moon a white hole..

Your Reading

By Hailey Bartlett
The year is 1994, and we are together. You tell me that you are going to visit a psychic this weekend, the one…

Adventures of Mr. Teddy and I

By Meher Narula
This poem has been inspired by the “dress-up” games played by children, where they let their imagination run…

What Is a Pelican?

By Matthew James Babcock
From the ground, a particle wave
crossing humid noon. Stern sage…

Editing Adulthood

By Yash Seyedbagheri
Home during quarantine, I rearrange my bedroom.
I’m an editor…

I Am

By: Irina Talty
I am two worlds torn in half…


By: Elissa Russell
I couldn’t recognize your accent as foreign any more than I could my own. Each muddy ‘R,’ each forced…