Meet The Team

Molly Green is our head Instagram manager and a certified tweeter. She loves to make things sound less awkward despite being quite awkward herself. She prides herself on staying hydrated and crossing meaningless stuff off of to-do lists.

Juno Nascimento is one of our website designers and the site manager. He occasionally likes to tape trash to his walls, mostly out of sentimental value.

Lucas Cain is one of our website designers as well as a submission reviewer and idea man. He enjoys sharing long-winded anecdotes about his stately-named turtle.

Zoe Gianfrancesco is one of our social media managers. She collects an unhealthy amount of candles that have taken up the entirety of her room.

Ariana Ratliff is one of our editors. She spends most of her waking hours playing Animal Crossing, when she’s not working on Shambles of course.

Samantha Rossi is one of our editors on staff. She spends her time buying obnoxious socks and prides herself on her terrible loglines.

Johnny Sandoval is one of our editors. He prides himself on his biography writing abilities.

Jayden Nelson is our managing visual arts director and website assistant. She loves Halloween and is a mother to one beautiful chinchilla. 

Keelee Rae is our Product Manager and Craftswoman. She is a Virgo with obsessive study habits who can talk for hours about vampires.

Ryn Dew is one of our social media managers. Their mind is filled to the brim with useless facts and they are a mother to two mischievous cats.

Bridget Van Houtem is our submissions manager and one of our editors. Besides freaking out about her existence for a majority of the day, she enjoys buying old things from thrift stores and wondering why no one thinks they’re as cool as she does.