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Winter Purple

By William Doreski
Black ice curses asphalt roads
this morning, the moon a white hole..

Your Reading

By Hailey Bartlett
The year is 1994, and we are together. You tell me that you are going to visit a psychic this weekend, the one…

Adventures of Mr. Teddy and I

By Meher Narula
This poem has been inspired by the “dress-up” games played by children, where they let their imagination run…

What Is a Pelican?

By Matthew James Babcock
From the ground, a particle wave
crossing humid noon. Stern sage…

Editing Adulthood

By Yash Seyedbagheri
Home during quarantine, I rearrange my bedroom.
I’m an editor…

2 Poems By Trevor Moffa

Dissolving with the heavy edge of light
There is a weight to all tonight, a haze,
The air is thick, the moon is full, the lights…

The Stranger

By Bailey Cole
“I know it sounds insane.”
“I mean, sure, you’ve seen the girl before. We don’t live in a huge city…

The Candle Maker

By: Theodore Clemens
The roof was giving way. Already, it had begun to collapse in on itself. The lintel above the doors was…

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